Emotive Anchors: 18' (Eighteen Minutes), 2011.
Black Marble

Untitled: 23', 2012. Labradorite

Untitled: 3'10'', 2012. Bismuth

Ear Infill: 1'10'', 2012. Agate, Onyx, Silver, 18 Kt Gold

Suprasternal Notch: 2'30'', 2012. Lapis Lazuli, Steel, Pure Gold

Trochlear Notch: 4'10'', 2012. Labradorite, Silver

. Project

Body Infill

The weight of a piece : The pressure of touch

Stop and feel it becoming part of the body

37 degrees Celsius.

. About

This body of work focuses on the therapeutic benefits that the pressure of jewellery on the body can provide. I seek to recreate these feelings during particular moments or as a sustained experience for specific areas on the body in order to create an intimate connection.

The pieces are hand-carved from stone which provides the weight required to create a feeling of pressure during wearing. I enjoy the meditative process of carving and shaping the mass; the piece is shaped as I apply pressure. I believe that this energy is contained within the piece, and eventually transfers to the wearer during their own experience of the jewellery. Metal is used for its ability to adapt to the body in certain forms and its ability to conduct heat.

Differences between the jewellery pieces and bodily conditions become less obvious as the jewellery adapts to the body, warming up to body temperature when worn, and seemingly filling up curves and contours until becoming one with both body and mind.